Women Who


• want to improve how they feel everyday
• need/want to improve their health
• are willing to start something new
• want to reduce their health care costs by improving their health
• are willing to invest in their health for the long term
• appreciate a safe, friendly, and caring environment
• want a gym they can feel comfortable in, whatever their current fitness level


In other words, our ideal member understands how exercise will benefit her. She understands  that she needs to exercise first and foremost for her health - both physical and mental.  She realizes that a complete workout program improves the quality of her life and she can make it fit nicely into her busy life. She appreciates that she will not be judged. We have a staff of genuinely caring people and our members share the same goals. Our ideal member understands that a regular habit of exercise will improve her health, increase her confidence, and give her a new outlook on life.