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  • Ellipticals

  • Recumbent bikes

  • Rowing machines

  • Strength Training - A full circuit of hydraulic strength training equipment designed for women and fully adjustable to your level of fitness.

  • Whole Body Vibration Equipment - A 10 minute routine with a variety of benefits including firming and toning.

  • Classes & Social Activities

  • Caring, helpful staff who take the time to learn your name, find out your goals, and welcome you to each workout.


  •  Cardio or aerobic exercise (exercise that gets your blood moving, heart pumping, and encourages deep breathing) is great for burning calories and improving your overall cardiovascular health.

  •  Strength Training (exercise that forces you to use and fatigue the muscle) benefits the whole body by improving your overall strength and stamina. Additionally, the more muscle you have, the more efficient your body is at burning calories -- even at rest.

Both forms of exercise reduce your stress, improve your mood, improve your sleep, prevent disease, help with balance and flexibility, and help you restore your body to a state of health. As a woman, you need both Cardio and Strength Training. You should plan to incorporate both in your exercise routine.​

Whole Body Vibration Technology

When you stand on T-Zone’s oscillating vibration technology platform, vertical vibrations are produced with a side-alternating rocking movement, similar to walking.

Our body reacts to this natural stimulus with an involuntary reflex muscle contraction. Depending on the speed, muscles will react up to 23 times per second (approximately 11-12 contractions and 11-12 relaxations), and as the acceleration forces increase, your body will feel as though it "weighs" more. This clever  technology means you can work against a far greater influence or "load" of gravity in every movement you perform.

The result - more benefits! Unlike other vibration technology fitness machines, T-Zone’s technology is particularly unique because it may achieve results for a wide range of objectives, for all ages and body types. There are two main types of vibration available Oscillating and Linear. T-Zone equipment uses the Oscillating vibration.

Oscillating vibration is the most natural vibrating movement and has the widest range of benefits. People find this type of vibration technology most comfortable and it makes sense that muscles are activated alternately as they would be in walking.  This is by far the most popular type of vibration machine technology with many scientific studies to support it. Widely used by chiropractors, physiotherapists, trainers and doctors across the world, this type of vibration technology is suitable for all ages and health levels.

Read more about the benefits of Oscillating Whole Body Vibration here:

​Then call us for a free demonstration!

We are an authorized T-Zone Vibration dealer.

Signature Series Hydraulic Strength Training Circuit 

 What is Wha

Benefits of Strength Training

Strength training is one of the most overlooked components of most women's exercise routines.


  • Did you know that two women who weigh the same, are the same height, and have the same bone structure could look completely different based on the muscle tone they have? Firming and toning your muscles can give you a leaner, smaller appearance. Strength training makes you look better even if you don't lose weight.

  • Fat does not turn to muscle and muscle does not convert to fat. Your body has both fat and muscle. When you follow a healthy diet combined with strength training exercise you lose fat, tone your muscles, and re-sculpt your body. 

  • Using the Signature Series strength training circuit, a fully adjustable hydraulic circuit designed to accomodate a woman's body, you'll exercise every major muscle in your body from head to toe. The resistance in each machine can be adjusted to your level of fitness and your personal preference.

Strength training is one of the most  beneficial and rewarding activities you’ll ever do!

And don't worry - we schedule 3 sessions of training with every new member. When you join Body Buzz your comfort, safety, and confidence in using all of the equipment are our primary concerns.

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Why Exercise With Friends?

Because when you exercise with other people you feel more motivated to show up. That's one reason. Here's more:

  • You gain energy from being around other people

  • You benefit from the socialization in both emotional and physical ways

  • Face it, your dvd workout doesn't really care if you exercise or not -  but your friends do!

  •  Time flies when you're having fun with friends

  • Many people find they lose more weight and faster when they are working out at a gym with friends who share their same goals

Don't talk yourself out of a great experience. Call us today! Ask for 7 days free.


Imagine a gym where you feel welcome, comfortable, and safe. Imagine a gym where you exercise without worrying about your makeup, your hair, or the perfect outfit. As soon as you walk through our doors, it's clear we are a gym dedicated to a friendly and personal experience, not a big box full of sterile equipment. At Body Buzz, you'll workout alongside other women with your same goals: Better health, more energy, increased confidence. Call today and join Body Buzz. We are fitness with a personal touch.